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established in 2003



High Quality Kitchenwares


Advanced Ceramic Products

A Few Words About Us

Our Vision

Montaco Enterprises Ltd was established in 1997, joint venture with KOIKE (M) Sdn Bhd, an international trading firm located in Hong Kong.

To provide high quality product and prompt service at competitive price at all time.

1. To be the leading trading company in South East Asia in 2009

2.  To expand our business from B2B to B2C in order to enlarge our customer base

3. To expand our business into different markets e.g United State, United Kingdom, and Europe

Our principal activities focus on sourcing, purchasing, warehousing and business consulting in the South East Asia region.  We have high interaction and with long-term relationship with suppliers in China, so as to equip our products with high quality at competitive price at all time.

To expand our business into the United State, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe and Japan market and to cope with our business growth, our headquarter in Japan developed series of unique ceramic kitchenware base on innovation, quality and originality in order to enrich living quality!

Our Mission

4. To diversify into different products range e.g electronic products, household products in order to meet different customer needs